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SN2200 Portable Power Station - 2000Wh Solar Generator - with 6 110V/2200W AC Outlets

SN2200 Portable Power Station - 2000Wh Solar Generator - with 6 110V/2200W AC Outlets

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iDeaPlay is a well-established brand specialized in offering high-performance generators and portable power solutions specially engineered to provide a reliable power source at all times! Using innovative technologies and premium materials, our equipment and accessories will exceed your expectations when it comes to performance, functionality and durability. Not completely satisfied with your order? Don’t worry, we are always at your service to address any issues or concerns.

Portable Power Station – A Reliable Backup Solution for Power Outages

This power generator was specially designed with your safety and comfort in mind, to offer a reliable source of energy in case of power failure or outages. Using innovative charging technologies, a user-friendly design and high-power configuration, this portable generator is an excellent backup solution to keep your appliances and devices running, whether you are at home or outdoors! Don’t worry, the generator may be small and portable but it’s also powerful and designed to meet 99% of your energy needs, so you can stay at peace of mind during emergencies or power outages.

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  • Portable generators for home use with high-quality lithium-ion batteries
  • Perfect emergency battery power supply for home, travel, camping, charging tablets, cell phones, laptops, fans, television, lamps, etc.
  • The LED display of portable power stations show the power and the output devices at a glance
  • A portable rechargeable generatorthat can cover all the power needs during your trip
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